We have a run once a week. 7-10 km for runners and 5-6 km for walkers (and everything in between). There is generally a beer-stop or a drink stop (with a bit of luck more than one).

It is not just running. We appoint a hare that lays a trail (if you are Dutch, think “speurtocht”) that you need to follow. and there are puzzles to solve and conundrums to be faced. And we have these runs at as many different places as possible. to avoid boredom. Most cases you can get there by public transport and you can leave stuff in someones car, we call that a bag-drop.

Before the run, there is “chalk-talk”, the hare explains the rules (generally quite confusing). The trail is constructed in such a way that the fast and slow runners and the walkers still end up at the same place at the same time.

At the end of the trail there is more beer and there are snacks. Don’t worry, there is non-alcoholic stuff as well. Our religious advisor evaluates the happenings in the circle. Anyone who did something wrong is rewarded – He or she “dows” some beer while the rest of us sing a silly song. However, if you did something right you are severely punished – You have to drink some beer while the rest of us sing a silly song.

A few examples of our particularities:

  • Those who race, we call racists,
  • Those who drink wine, we call whiners,
  • Hashing is a verb,
  • “Act normal, that’s already crazy enough”, is a fallacy.